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Innovation at the heart of ROOM2030

  • ROOM2030 is developing new digital tools for enhanced customer interface
  • The VR Configuration Tool provides an interactive experience in the metaverse

The ROOM2030 Digital Platform aims to connect and integrate all stakeholders of the Ecosystem through data sharing to optimize processes for an increased productivity. As a Single-Entry Point for all kinds of stakeholder profiles, it will also serve as Customer Interface for potential buyers of the ROOM2030 modules. Using the latest VR technology, we are working on the development of a Building Configuration Tool that allows our clients to design their desired building or project in a virtual environment compatible with VR headsets and web-based applications.

This gamified experience in the metaverse allow us to connect with the younger generation that are digital natives, as well as provide other customers and investors with an innovative way to design and develop construction projects remotely without losing the sense of scale. The Building Configuration Tool hosts virtual models of the ROOM2030 products at real scale, to be able to visit, wander and customize the project from inside, without the need to travel in person to check our physical prototype.

The Tool is connected to our catalog, with every customization option available, and the customer can test the different options while creating their project. If they need technical or commercial assistance, they can send a request to our commercial team to join their session and help them with their questions or walk them through the tool. The customer can also apply beforehand for an appointment, which would be useful for first time interactions with the platform.

This ongoing development with our partner PXR is the first example of the collaboration with other startups and innovation companies of the Ecosystem, as part of our Open Innovation initiative to foster cooperation.

PXR’s business project is to support the digital transformation of their industrial customers through a disruptive technology solution based on telepresence and VR, stereoscopic vision, robotics, and systems integration, to turn remote or hardly accessible locations into fully accessible and fully controllable premises.

For this project with ROOM2030 they have accepted the challenge of integrating all the processes of ROOM2030 value chain in a Metaverse, starting with Customer Relationships and sales channels. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with PXR.

If you have a technology that can be implemented in our solution or are interested in developing it with us, you can contact our Innovation Technology Team to start!

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