Casa Montaña

A house for an English landscaper and his family, in love with Asturias, who bet for their second home to be industrialized. Manufactured in four months entirely in Madrid and transferred to its final location at 600 km, crossing the Cantabrian mountain range where it was assembled in 5 hours. Finally, the black slate roof was placed by an artisan from the area. Technology and tradition to create a unique proposal.

The project is developed in two levels, with a simple program that groups the facilities in one of the three modules of 2.15 x 5.30 m that make it up. The metal staircase is the central element of the house, around which the program runs and which dialogues with the fireplace suspended from the living room. The upper floor houses the two rooms, separated by a light polycarbonate wall that sifts the light.

This house, actively developed with the clients, shows absolute respect for the rural environment where it is located. A wonderful group consisting of a hórreo and a traditional house in the process of rehabilitation as a tourist accommodation, still keep the project alive.