A new way of conceiving housing, a high quality product, close to the constructive avant-garde. Housing with the highest technology and a delivery time of less than four months [without delays or budget variations]. Growing homes, which offer the user the possibility of articulating in a simple way, a future growth in space and time, both horizontally and vertically, as well as changes in use within it, with relative ease.

bhome, is a house responsible with the environment, from the moment of construction, which meets the highest requirements of the Technical Building Code, as well as the new requirements of Energy Efficiency. It combines tradition and modernity, reinterpreting some of the elements that existed in the homes of yesteryear.

Each room has a patio, which serves as a space for the physical and visual relationship of the house. Versatile patios, which can accommodate different uses, depending on the time of year [orchard, garden, pool, sauna, etc.]. A dynamic dwelling, connected spaces, interior-exterior dialogue, make bhome a new constructive and spatial concept, more in keeping with the way of living, as an evolution on traditional housing.