The ROOM2030 company was born from an R&D project led by ARCELORMITTAL with the aim of creating the room of the future.

For this, a consortium is built bringing together leading companies in their different sectors to carry out the ROOM2030 project, with the intention of implementing its most advanced and innovative products, some of them in the pre-commercial phase.​

Our objectives are the creation of an optimal modular manufacturing system, which, through the creation of a ROOM2030 quality seal for manufacturers, allows manufacturing from anywhere in the world.​

We stand out for combining manufacturing standardization and configurability in our modules, allowing to obtain low manufacturing times for highly customizable products.

Its mission is the design and commercialize of smart rooms based on ROOM2030:

Integrating new technologies

Optimizing the assembly process and industrial manufacturing


Its contribution of value derives from its function as:

Catalyst for the consortium, where each of the technological solutions converges, adapting them through design and industrial manufacturing, to the ROOM2030 module to create a more humane and closer to the person habitat [Human Technology]​.

Dynamizer for industrial manufacturing by creating a customizable and competitive smart module in quality and price in its three versions.

ROOM2030 is designed under the United Nations Agenda for ​Sustainable Development 2030