In 2018, architect Sergio Baragaño together with ArcelorMittal I+D Asturias-based research centres launched a project aiming to combine technology and habitat into a “living-lab” hotel room, designed by Baragaño based on his architectural proposal for the enlargement of the Hotel Palacio Ferrera in Avilés. This project is the extension of “bhome”, the modular construction prototype both partners had already developed back in 2016.  

In 2019, a group of highly-innovative & market-leading companies founded an Innovation Consortium. Their goal was to bring the “living-lab” on and to develop and demonstrate technologies for the purpose of generating the room of the future:  industrially manufactured, smart, sustainable, adaptable and healthful.  

In 2020, Sergio Baragaño launched the start-up ROOM2030. The company’s value proposition is to Design, Manufacture and Commercialize solutions based on the prototype and to bring in the necessary lifeblood so to generate healthy and sustainable habitats that prompt the humanization of technolog


The Room2030 R&D Consortium was created with the aim of developing the Room of the Future, a new concept of habitat that implements the latest technology innovations from the partners.

The presentation ceremony of the ROOM2030 Consortium took place in December 2019 at the Cosentino City in Madrid, with the participation of Raúl Blanco, Secretary of State for Industry, who was accompanied by the members of the consortium.

Since 2021, ROOM2030 startup replaces [baragaño] as consortium partner.

Living Lab

Room2030 Living Lab is our first prototype, presented Jan 2020 in Avilés, Asturias.

In the Living Lab we integrate & test different technologies from the Room2030 Consortium partners

Suite configuration:
48m2, bedroom + bathroom + livingroom + porch

Includes innovations such as:
→ Smart, active and sustainable materials
→ Health technologies
→ Environmental and energy efficiency  
→ IOT network
→ Modular construction and 3D solutions


Sergio Baragaño & bhome

Sergio Baragaño, director of studio [baragaño], and CEO and Founder of ROOM2030, has more than 10 years of unique experience in the industrialized construction sector. He is one of the references at national level in terms of modular buildings executed. Since 2015, he has become an external consultant on Industrialization for ArcelorMittal R&D with whom he participated in the relevant project “CETICA, industrialized city” with a budget of € 24M.

Bhome is a modular construction system in steel for homes and offices, flexible and compact. Founded by Baragaño and with support from different partners like ArcelorMittal, it has many modular and award-winning projects in its portfolio, and it was the seed for the Room2030 project.


→ Warehouses in Avilés Port, 
selected in the spanish Architecture Biennial. 2010 Accesit
→ Docks Avilés Port, ATEG award, 2010
→ Cruise Terminal Bilbao, Winner International Competition, 2010
→ ArcelorMittal R&D Slab, Building of the Year Awards Archdaily, 2011
→ ArcelorMittal R&D Slab, Winner KNX Awards Energy Efficiency, 2011
→ ArcelorMittal R&D Buildings, COAA Awards, 2012
→ bh box, selected in the spanish Architecture Biennial, 2016
→ bhome, Architecture Achievement Award Technal, 2016
→ casaMontaña, selected in the spanish Architecture Biennial, 2018
→ casaMontaña, Haüser Award Best Housing Germany 2019


Cruise Terminal Bilbao Port

Maritime Station Gijón Port

Warehouses Avilés Port

ArcelorMittal R&D Slab

ArcelorMittal R&D Grid 



The Startup

ROOM2030 is a Technology-based startup that designs, manufactures and markets eco-smart rooms creating healthy, sustainable and unique habitats. Our first mantra, I THIS IS NOT JUST A HOTEL ROOM | represents our mission to go beyond the traditional concept of room and design a livable space that integrates technology solutions and innovations with the aim of improving the health and comfort of the users.

Our team is multi-disciplinary, with juniors supported by expert seniors contributed by companies of the consortium in strategy and business development.

We are based in La Curtidora, Avilés – Asturias.


CEO Design and Architecture Manager

Administration and Finance Manager

Administration and Finance


Innovation and Technology

Design and Architecture




→ Finalist REBUILD Advance Architecture Awards, Best Offsite Construction Project, 2021
→ Avilés Innovative Company 2021, representative at Smart City Expo World Congress, 2021
→ Finalist laCaixa Emprendedor XXI Awards, 2021

2030 Agenda

Our name is inspired by the 2030 Agenda, as we aim to contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and help the construction industry transition towards a digital and sustainable paradigm.

Digitalization, sustainability & health are 3 of our fundamental pillars that guide the roadmap to develop our technological solution for modular construction.