Room2030 aims to offer residential solutions based on the following differential axes:

  1. Attractive, configurable and flexible design.
  2. Relocatable, reusable and recyclable.
  3. Focused on health and human well-being.
  4. Constantly updated towards a changing future.
  5. Industrially manufactured through our external factory-network.
  6. Combining elements, systems and technologies from leading-industry technological partners.

In order to reach its goal, along with the Innovation Consortium, Room2030 is carrying out a powerful R&D&I project that encompasses the 3 fundamental pillars for THEROOM2030: 

  • Room2030Habitat integrating innovative technologies and Plug&Play systems that care for the people and take care of themselves.
  • Industrialized assembly system for automated serialized production.
  • Collaborative Digital Platform involving stakeholders from the complete value chain, favouring data sharing and digitalization.


Room2030 Habitat is a smart sustainable solution adaptable to different markets, highly technological and a conscious design that encompasses the complete life cycle of the modules.

The room is deconstructed into smart structure + plug&play systems designed for flexibility, industrialized manufacturing and upgrading capabilities:

→ 2D smart panels (vertical, roof)
→ Lightened slab
→ 3D water submodule
→ Reversible foundation

Breakthrough technology and IOT integrated from design following Room2030 Innovation Roadmap in collaboration with our R&D consortium partners.

Manufacturing System

A new industrialization process based on the digital and automated assembly of intelligent, sustainable and healthy plug & play systems and elements, supplied or co-developed with our partners, who collaborate through a digital platform to achieve: quality, price.

→ 1 week of production
→ 1 day of transport
→ 1 hour of assembly

Digital Platform

The Room2030 Collaborative Digital Platform integrates stakeholders from the whole value chain to optimize productivity and customer and supplier relations by digitalizing the complete module life cycle, from design commission to operation and maintenance.

The digital tools allow us to improve customer experience during the design and configuration of the Room2030 Habitat, increasing client satisfaction and sales efficiency.


ROOM2030 Open innovation platform.
We work with other bussines to promote.

Our solution is the perfect platform for Open Innovation, if you have a technology that can be implemented in our solution or are interested in developing with us, contact our Innovation&Technology team: innovation@room2030.com